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YouTube Kids Take Safety For Children



YouTube Kids Take Safety For Children

The Safety Measure to Safeguard Children From Watching Inappropriate Content

YouTube has announced new safety measures to make sure the safety of the children. If the parents find their kids watching any type of inappropriate content even unintentionally they can immediately report such content which will then be reviewed by  youtube Privacy policy.

The content will be blocked from YouTube Kids app, if the user is signed in while reporting any such video. The content can also be customized by the parents in some countries. They can simple sign into the application and block the content which they don’t want their children to watch.

The application has a built-in timer that allows the parents to limit the screen timing, telling their children when to stop watching. The timer will display an alert and the video will be stopped at the set time. The profile for Kids can also be created that can be logged in from different devices. 

The parents can also control the content being watched by their children by switching off the search using the parental settings. This new YouTube Kids app will be live soon in 37 countries.


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