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Useful Tips for Buying a Laptop



Useful Tips for Buying a Laptop

Whether you are doing an assignment, teaching a class, writing a term paper, surfing the internet or conducting a research you need a laptop that will meet your budget and your requirements. The process of note book shopping might seem a bit confusing. There are different Laptop models available which vary in sizes, types of operating systems and prices ranging from almost $150 to $5000. Finding a right device is very important. Here are few useful tips that can help you choose an appropriate note book according to your needs and budget.

Smaller Screen Increases Portability

The screen sizes are different for different laptops ranging from 11 to 17 inches. The system is sized accordingly to fit the display. The smaller laptops are lighter and more compact as compared to the larger ones which are heavier. If you don’t have to carry the laptop much then 15-inch screen is an ideal one. However, if you have to carry your laptop with you 13-14 inch screen may provide a balance between screen space and portability. A laptop that has to be bought only for staying at your work desk should have a 17-inch screen.


Credit: Windows Report

At Least 1080p Resolution

If you are buying a new laptop then prefer to go for at least 1920*1080 screen resolution which is also known as 1080 or “Full HD” screen resolution. This screen resolution basically specifies the number of pixels a note book have. These number of pixels enables the user to view the web pages clearly without scrolling and to stack two windows side by side when multi-tasking.


1080p Full HD

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A Laptop with 8 Hours of Battery Life

You may have to stay somewhere out of the workplace or home or a place where a plug for charging is not available look for a laptop with 8 hours of battery life. However, gaming laptops are an exception to this rule since they require a large amount of power.


Credit: Techies Net

User-friendly Operating System

The Operating system that you can easily use should be a preference. Laptops that use Google Chrome OS are very popular among educational institutes since it is easy to use and hard to be infected with the virus or malware. However, the majority of the people prefer to use Windows 10 or MacBook. Windows are comparatively easier to use and it provides you with so many options including touch screen while MacBook focuses only on the security



Other Key Specifications of Laptop

If you want a note book with touchscreen interface then buy a one who can switch between clamshell and tablet mode. The laptop must have at least Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB solid state drive (SSD) and 1080p of screen resolution. It is important to get SSD rather than a hard drive since SSD makes all the tasks and programs to execute faster.

Credit: Tech walla


You have to buy laptop once in a long run so it is better to first identify your needs and then spend your money to buy a device that is fit for your use.

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