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Self-driving delivery robots

Self-driving delivery robots


Self-driving delivery robots

If you happen to be in Beijing’s Haidian District, try to watch out for self-driving delivery robots flashing through the avenues.

The service was launched on Monday by e-commerce company Around 20 robots were put into service to deliver bundles purchased on the website JD dot com.

The destinations of the initial deliveries covered residential communities near JD’s distribution center in Shangdi and Zhongguancun Software Park. Every robot can convey up to 30 parcels a time, going at a best speed of 15 km for an hour.

During the delivery, the robot will dock to the dissemination point automatically with the assistance of a radar and sensors. It can likewise perceive traffic signals and consequently maintain a strategic distance from obstructions out.

Self-driving delivery robots

Self-driving delivery robots

Buyer will get a message from when the robot is going to arrive, and can get their bundles through face recognition, entering a code or utilizing a cell phone application.

“It is extremely helpful. I trust delivery robot innovation will keep on improving. One day, I hope to see them in our buildings, not simply holding up outside,” one buyer said.

Smart mirror is perfect selfie partner has deployed delivery robots in 20 urban areas across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Wuhan and Xi ‘an. The organization has been trying unmanned load airplane and robot truck deliveries for as long as two years, and is wanting to launch autonomous delivery vehicles sooner rather than later.

Self-driving delivery robots

Self-driving delivery robots

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