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Samsung’s Remarkable Foldable Phones

foldable smartphone


Samsung’s Remarkable Foldable Phones

Foldable smartphones are about to come in the industry, it’s only a matter of time and it seems that Samsung will be the first mobile company to launch such phones possibly at the beginning of 2018. Samsung has filled at least half a dozen of patents for its upcoming mysterious Galaxy X and looks like we will be treated with the first foldable smartphone in the history.

Six Years of Manufacturing

The concept of the foldable smartphone is not new for Samsung, in fact, the company started working on its prototype back in 2011. The device looked chunky and awkward but it is functional even then. It remains intact even after 100,000 folds with only a 6% drop in brightness at the center, where all the folding happens in actual.

This wasn’t a commercial project initially but later that year (2011) Samsung launched a video campaign of a fully bending mobile device depicting Samsung’s ambitions towards innovative technology.

Design and Architecture

The design of this foldable smartphone will be slightly sleek than the images previously presented for the concept. This may be due to the phone’s display which is stretched towards the back of the smartphone.

foldable smartphone

credit: phonearena

The new research shows that the secondary screen of the phone will be much bigger which displays the messages, notifications, media files and much more very clearly. The display of the upcoming phone is rounded at an angle of 180 degrees. Foldable smartphone and its foldable  screen gives you a cinematic view and can be used for various purposes which makes you think that you are using a big tablet like screen.

Production Problems

By 2012, Samsung was working really hard to launch the first generation of foldable smartphone, but reports claimed that the problems in the production delayed the launch of the first bending display phone till 2013.

Samsung showed another video of the foldable smartphone highlighting all of its transparent screens which were made of plastic which is thin, flexible and light enough to fully roll.

However, in 2012 reports claimed that Samsung managed to overcome all the production problems and its flexible screens are in the final stage of development with the phone likely to land in mid-2013.

foldable smartphone

credit: dpreview.

Various other issues also arose during manufacturing of these phones. However, previous problems may have been solved, but now Samsung is apparently struggling with the encapsulation technology, which protects the screen from moisture and air damage.

Samsung may launch these phones in limited numbers initially, but after its market evaluation, the phone will be produced in larger number. On the other hand, Samsung strong rival Huawei is also working really hard to make this miracle happen. The CEO of Huawei Richard Yu has indicated that the company is most likely to launch its foldable and flexible smartphone earlier than Samsung.

This strong competition between both the mobile brands may be a reason that we are coming across several patents day after another for these smartphones, which is considered as a precautionary measure for the device preventing any other brand to steal the concept.

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