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Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Power of Artificial Intelligence

Driven by the immense developments in computing power, Artificial Intelligence is becoming mainstream. From SIRI to self-driving cars Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly. Artificial Intelligence can incorporate anything from Google’s search engines to IBM’s computer named Watson to robots with human characteristics to various autonomous weapons.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI sometimes called cognitive computing, is a branch of computer technology that emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines or applications that demand the kind of processing which human brain is capable of, but at a faster speed. This process includes learning, planning, manipulating, reasoning and solving problems.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI-based systems are breaking new barriers in performance and versatility. Applications based on AI technologies are becoming conventional. Let us throw a light on some of the amazing milestones AI has reached.

  • AI and Self-Driving Cars

On daily basis, large number of people travel from one place to another. Numerous experiments are made on autonomous vehicles over the decades. Self-driving cars aren’t a science fiction anymore. Such cars are completely autonomous and are not remote-controlled. These cars are equipped with GPS unit, a navigation system and a range of sensors. It uses the GPS and navigation system to find its location and uses the sensor data to build an internal map. Once the location is identified, it can reach its destination without any kind of deadlock.

  • AI and Healthcare

AI in healthcare uses various algorithms to approximate the analysis of medical data. Organizations are applying the knowledge of machine learning to make better diagnosis of a disease than human beings. IBM Watson supercomputer is a living example. It understands the human language and is capable of answering the questions asked from it. This powerful computer is used for the prediction of cancer four times more accurately than human being. Other applications have also been developed to assist the patients, schedule follow-up meetings and provide them with virtual health assistance.

  • AI and Business

AI is a hot topic when talking about today’s business. Highly repetitive processes normally performed by humans are automated. Machine learning algorithms and CRM platforms are integrated to serve the people in a better way. Numerous applications are developed to help the people of finance department, as these applications can collect data and give financial advice. The revolution of AI in marketing is demonstrated by the use of data analytical tools that deals with large data sets and enables the marketers to make efficient marketing decisions.

  • AI- A Gateway Between Technology and Creativity

Creative art fields are making use of AI technology to create immersive art experiences. The artists from the Indian Fashion Industry collaborate with Watson to gather almost 600,000 images of designs and data from around the globe to understand the colors and shapes. Based on this analysis the designers created some unique designs. This enabled the designers to understand their customers by engaging with them in a better way and were given insight how they can approach the latest fashion trends. This technique not only saved the time and effort of the designers but also helped them create new immersive experience.

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  • AI to Manipulate Humans

Numerous robots are made that can now manipulate the humans as they can perform the tasks a normal human can do in a faster speed. AI robots are becoming smarter than us. Lately, Saudi Arabia granted it citizenship to an AI based robot named Sophie which signifies that AI has come of age and reached a level comparable to human beings in the performance of many tasks.

It is quite clear that Artificial Intelligence has an infinite future. The number of application continues to increase as much as human brain continues to evolve. However, scientist need to build the systems that will work or the benefit of humans and society.

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