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Pitching Your Business Idea

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Pitching Your Business Idea

When you are thinking to start a new business your idea must be a good one, so that it can gain the attention of the investors. An idea is just a starting point. Many of them seem to be good but the reality is quite harsh. Experienced entrepreneurs will state that idea is easy but the execution is hard. There might be many reasons including lack of the knowledge of the market and its competition. You may face a drastic failure. For this reason, you should quickly eliminate any business idea that is highly unlikely to succeed and must learn the techniques to pitch your idea.

The Business Pitch

A pitch means presenting or describing your business idea verbally to the prospective investors. The main goal of a business pitch is to secure to necessary resources and funds to move forward with your business plan and making it a reality.

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Types of Business Pitch:

There are two types of business pitch:

1-      Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a concise and brief description of your business plan that can be easily understood. It is a small description normally of a line or two that can help to sell your idea to the potential investors.

2-      Video Pitch  

A video pitch is presenting your business idea through a small video rather than in person. The main aim is to describe your idea clearly that can gain the attention of the investors who can then invest their resources in your business.

Creating an Ideal Pitch

The best way to create an effective pitch is to start with a business plan. Once it is written, the key elements of the summary can be refined into a pitch. The process of creating a business plan can be tricky but it will equip the writer of the pitch with the answers to the typical questions that can be expected from the investors. Creating a business pitch without a proper business plan is dangerous as it can lead to dreadful failure.

Key Tips for Pitching Your Business Idea

  1. Prepare yourself too along with preparing your idea. The investors want to see that you are efficient and determined enough to sustain the project through its conception and growth. They want to analyze whether you and your plan is worthy of their resources or not.
  2. Be much more specific. Capture the essentials, grab the key points and present your concept in a short span of time.
  3. Create a proper plan from day one. The investors are really interested in your exit strategy and consider to tire for around seven years of a contract.
  4. Learn all the necessary vocabulary that can pitch your idea in a remarkable way.
  5. Negotiate a term sheet offer else lack of experience will make it a very painful of the whole project.
  6. Choose not to be the smartest person in the room. Find what you know and what you don’t know. Build a team of experts and surround yourself with smarter people. Investors are willing to fund a management team as much as they are investing in a great business concept.
  7. Presentation and documentation matter a lot. The better the presentation the more the investors are attracted towards your idea. It is better to consult a professional designer to help you with the layout so that you can create a first good impression.


Having your pitch document ready before presenting it in front of the investors will make your appearance far more professional. Be focused, well prepared, and knowledgeable and make sure that your document lives up to the standard to convince the investors that your business is worthy of investment.

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1 Comment

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