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Smartphone’s battery can easily expose the secrets

smartphone's battery


Smartphone’s battery can easily expose the secrets

Your phone’s battery can easily expose the secrets of your phone, but also considering the level of energy used in the battery, it can also be noted that what is written on the phone and what has been read.

According to hacking experts, if a small micro controller is installed in the phone’s battery, the phone battery can be noted that every activity and even a word is typed. Then, the flow of the electric analyzed using artificial intelligence which told us which buttons on the phone are pressed. Thus, detail of website’s address, password and camera usage can also be revealed.

smartphone's battery

Security experts from the University of Texas Austin and Hebron University have written in their latest research paper that hackers can find out more from smartphone battery. Experts have said that now the modern phone has smart batteries, through which the battery usage and capacity can be found. Different apps also show phone’s battery performance that is possible due to smart battery.

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Experts have written in their research paper that it is ideally possible that hackers and copper can steal all your information from the phone’s battery but in the meantime the battery is in use, not charging.

smartphone's battery

For this, every activity seen on the phone, read and write can be noted because electricity is used in every work and its effects can open this secret. After that using artificial intelligence, various passwords and typed words and other activities can be found. Hackers called it ‘poison’ battery, which maintains a graphic energy. Then a software cracks all the rugs of the phone. Experts have written in a paper that hacker’s attack on the battery is possible, it is a cheap and easy process that requires a small sample of phone’s battery usage.

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