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Key Skills for IT Graduate

key skills


Key Skills for IT Graduate

Key Skills for IT Graduate

Information Technology commonly known as IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world now. Technology is undergoing some rapid changes which have also increased the job opportunities for the IT graduates. Reports have predicted that IT jobs will grow 22% through 2020. From coding and database management and creation to providing technical support to the customers, there are various roles for the IT graduates to play in the industry.

Wide Swath of Jobs Challenges your Skill Set

The large band of available jobs means that the recruiters will look for some intriguing skills and competencies while hiring an employee for a job. Some recruiters may search for expertise in a specific programming language, while others might look for general Key skills such as communication skills, project management etc. The skills required by the recruiters are usually mentioned in the job descriptions which make it easy for the graduate to analyze himself on this basis.

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Key Skills Required For Fresh Information Technology Graduates

The recruiters expect different competencies in fresh IT graduates, who are seeking a job to build their career. The required skills vary based on the type of the job a graduate is applying to. Following is a list of most demanded information technology skills for resumes, jobs and interviews:

  • Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively and accurately with the people around you is a vital life skill that shall not be ignored. Communication skills are paramount for any individual in IT industry, as information technology professionals are often required to work across multiple teams and work groups. The person with good communication skills can communicate effectively with his superiors, colleagues, and clients. IT professionals have to interact with people without any technical education and have to give them a technical solution. They have to exhibit leadership qualities at all the levels of the project. Such professionals are also required to present ideas and reports to clients and other team members. 

  •    Coding

One of the most key skills that will help an IT graduate to stand out from the crowd is an ability to write a code. If a graduate is applying for a programming job, then it is obvious that the recruiters will seek a candidate who can write an efficient code in various languages. Writing a code not only involve a program but it also involves logical thinking, problem analysis, problem-solving, application development and understanding of information systems.

Even if not for a programming job an IT professional must have knowledge of some basic languages such as HTML, CSS, C++, as coding brings all the professionals to the yard. 

  •   Time Management

Sometimes an IT manager has to play a vital role in not only bringing new projects for the company but also manage the projects from its conception to its completion. For this reason, IT professionals must know how to keep the team and the project on track, completing it on time and within budget. Technology projects often take longer time than predicted. This is the main reason that project timelines changes during the development of a project. A good IT professional must be able to predict the time required for a project accurately and then also be able to manage those timelines for a long haul.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Networking

It is one of the most important skills for the IT graduates who tend to work in either small or large organization. This is a branch of communication skills, as it involves a group of people to communicate with each other, share their knowledge and learn new things from their peers. Some IT jobs may include network architects, designs, and administration.

  • Organizational Skills

Companies need workers who can stay organized and focused on the projects. IT professionals must possess this quality as they have to organize the work of their peers and team members. Organizational skills in a work place may include planning, organizing, scheduling, managing and meeting deadlines of a project.

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The fresh graduates must analyze themselves to identify their skills they and shall also find the skills that have an increased demand in the industry. Learn new skill sets, gain some experience through practice and climb the steps towards success.



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