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Instagram introduced new app for long video


Instagram introduced new app for long video

Facebook owned social network Instagram launched a mobile app on wednesday designed specificaly for user-generated videos up to an hour long, In huge competition for user time among ad-supported streaming services such as YouTube and several other services.Called IGTV during a nod to traditional tv, the service plans to feature videos from rising internet celebrities, artists and pets, some of whom have tens of millions of social media followers.It will increase Instagram’s video limit from one minute to ten minutes for many users. Accounts with massive audiences are ready to go as long as an hour.
“Teens are currently watching forty percent less TV than they did 5 years ago,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said at an event to announce the launch in urban center. “It’s time for video to move forward and evolve.”


Instagram, that was based in 2010 as a photo-sharing app, has surpassed one billion users, Systrom told.
According to the pew research center, seventy two percent of us kids ranging from thirteen to seventeen years old use Instagram, second to YouTube at eighty five percent. solely fifty one percent of individuals therein group now use Facebook, down from seventy one percent from a similar pew survey in 2014-15.


Tech corporations such as Facebook, Alphabet Inc’s YouTube and Snap Inc’s Snapchat are defrayment heavily to grow mobile video services that may attract both users and company brand advertising, and longer clips are a lot of tributary for video ads lasting from thirty seconds to 1 minute.

Courting stars to post videos is part of their strategies. Instagram said it’s signed up personalities such as Lele pons, who has twenty five million Instagram followers, for IGTV.

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Facebook on tuesday launched a separate effort to lure video makers faraway from YouTube, giving ways that to earn money on the Facebook app. YouTube said it plans to update its commercialization choices this week.

Instagram doesn’t at once plan to share revenue with video creators however could within the future, Systrom said.

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