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How to Pass an Interview, A Complete Guide



How to Pass an Interview, A Complete Guide

After completing your education you started looking for a job. You have an interview coming soon and you are worried how to pass this interview. This article will surely help you to polish your skills and get yourself a good job.

How to Get Interview from Good Firms

The most important thing to consider is how you can really get an interview with a good firm. Getting a job is basically a four-way journey which is as follows.

  1. Make an Application
  2. HR Interview
  3. Hiring Manager Interview
  4. Get the Job

HR Interview VS Hiring Manager Interview

These interviews are totally different from one another. What works for one interview doesn’t work for another and vice versa.

The HR Interview

You have to be very lucky to pass the HR interview since the HR knows the real game. You lose your shot even without knowing about it and you keep wondering why you failed even though your interview went really good. You may lose a job just because you were not able to give the answers the HR was looking for.
This is lose-lose game because you can’t beat an HR in his own game but you can beat him in your game. HR is usually a person who knows the least about your real work. You can impress the HR with your ability, terminologies, and methodologies. You need to exaggerate your values and skills so much that the HR have to pass you on to the Hiring Manager who actually knows the work you have to do. Focus on the problem and find out how you can be the solution to that problem. Be as specific and as technical as possible and overwhelm the HR with your expertise. The more time you spent with the HR the more referrals the hiring manager is receiving during that time frame which means your chance of losing opportunity completely.

The Hiring Manager Interview

Once you have passed the HR interview you have to give an interview to the Hiring Manager. Keep in mind that no matter how large these multinational companies are they are run by the human beings. You have to be the person in whom a manager can put all his trust. Your main objective is to get accepted by the manager and you can do this if you make yourself look like trustworthy and likable. You should be very impressive and the manager must think that you are a candidate he can trust along with some expertise.

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Differentiate Yourself from Others

In today’s market, everyone has same skills. You can’t get a job if you can’t differentiate yourself from others. Give the recruiters what they want but also give them some extra bonus such as extra skills and activities. Make an impression that you are the one they want and you are totally different from the other candidates.

Unwritten Requirements

These are the requirements which are not written in a job description but it is one of the most significant reason due to which you’ll get rejected. There are many skills that are required but not mentioned in description due to less space or other reasons. The person who only prepares himself according to the job description will have no idea what he will be actually doing. You have to search for the unwritten requirements and understand what is needed for that particular job. This will help you gain some extra credit. Spent some time to learn the new skills that will increase your chance to get the job.

Relevant vs Overall Experience

At the end of the day your overall experience won’t matter but what matter is your relevant experience. Reformat your resume to give the recruiters what they want. Mention only the relevant skill set. Strategically crafting your resume for a particular role will increase your chance of getting the job.

Incredible Tool to Perform Better

A tool that is highly demanded and incredible that will help you do well in an interview is a mirror. Practice in front of a mirror. It does sound funny but this is very important. Rehearsing and preparing yourself in front of a mirror will boost your confidence. You must be completely ready before the interview to answer all kinds of questions. Practice well as practice makes a man perfect.
The audience is the partner that determine your career in the firm. You can outwork anyone if you are determined enough. Prepare yourself, prove that you are better than your competitors and get your dream job.

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