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Creative Thinking and Sleep Pattern

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Creative Thinking and Sleep Pattern

In this article, we will learn about Nikola Tesla’s secrets methods for creative thinking. What are his thinking process, a visualization technique, and sleep pattern? Nikola Tesla is not very famous but the people who know about him suggest that he surpassed Edison in the invention. He had very wide and creative vision which broke new ground on so many levels. Even now his ideas have been referred by the environmentalists who then work on a free energy system. Nikola Tesla is most famously known for his contributions to the design of the alternating current electricity system but he is also credited with around 300 other patterns for all kinds of inventions. He developed remarkable ideas which are still being exploited and studied today, a century later.

The Power of Imagination

What made Nikola great was his precise and great imagination. He grew with an intense visual imagination that tormented him when he was unable to control it. This consumed him when he was trying to interact with the real world. Nikola Tesla grew up with lack of confidence in himself thinking that it is a shackle. He learned to control it and started a new visual journey. Tesla needed no models, drawings or experiments. He could picture them all in his mind. When an idea pops up he starts to build it in his imagination.

1. Conception

He used to make necessary improvements and operate the device in mind. In this way, he was able to develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. He used to put into concrete form the final product of his mind and was very successful, therefore. Invariably, his device worked as he conceived it should and all experiments were carried out exactly the way he planned. He proved that there isn’t any subject that cannot mathematically treated and the results can be calculated before the availability of any kind of theoretical and practical data. If you are an engineer or a builder you may be feeling jealous or you may think he was crazy but either way Nikola Tesla imagination was a private sandbox without any limitations. His way of thinking invented things in a way that no other can do in hundreds of lifetimes.

2. Lightening

The electricity lightening your home right now was surely at point transmitted as the alternating current which was an invention of Nikola Tesla. He was so remarkable in developing device’s prototypes that he exactly knew how it will perform even before actually building it. He had a photographic memory and was able to develop creative visualizations with practical intensity. During the manufacturing phase of his inventions, he worked on all the blueprints in his mind. He slept 1-2 hours a day and work for the rest of the day on his inventions. He could perform difficult computations without any kind of mathematical tables or rules. Tesla was aware of the real world problems so he made it a point to render his ideas accessible to general public.

So it is quite clear that we have to develop our powers of visualization since along with other things this is something that can be done quite systematically and it improves with time and effort. We all should practice image streaming and use the mind machine as nothing opens our mind to visualization as readily as using the visual thinking stream. This process known as visual thinking isn’t ingrained in all of us but we can learn to concentrate and creative thinking demands you to just relax and work through problems in your head. We can’t just sit around and think about the projects until they become a working machine in our brain. Tesla’s way of thinking will benefit most of us to do new things.

 2.1 DIY project
Even Tesla wasn’t born with these skills and talents he did practice to train his brain to perform mental calculations. Nikola maintained three geometric shapes of different colors together which is a hard thing to do. However, to begin you will struggle with one object but after a few minutes of practice throughout a day, you will learn to concentrate and then you will be able to visualize a few complex situations. Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus used to have visualization practices that involved visualizing vast images with different divine beings inhabiting them. These kinds of practices often led to the person developing a photographic memory and powerful visual thinking skills. Sit back, relax and try to visualize how something might work. This can be a work project, a DIY project or may change your way of doing things. This will help you memorize and visualize things better and also will boost your creativity level.

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2.2 Idea incubate to your mind
Tesla has shared that several of his great ideas came to him when he was out for a walk. One of the examples is when he came up with the idea of alternating current. In 1881, after he moved to Budapest he went out for a walk with a friend reciting poetry when a vision came to him. There in a park, Tesla drew a crude diagram with a stick in the dirt a motor using the principle of rotating magnetic fields created by two or more alternating current. He invented the induction motor several years after he presented this idea. So take yourself for a walk and let an idea incubate to your mind you will probably find the solution you are looking for. Try to work through problems with solitude and creative thinking. Setting aside some alone time boosts your productivity and creative thinking and sometime your sleep pattern also help in this.

Tesla’s Sleeping Habits

His sleeping habits were just as odd as his rest of the practices. He used to sleep for only a couple of hours each night but he makeup with that through daily day naps. The sleep pattern of Nikola Tesla is gaining some popularity and was widely used through history by one of the greatest such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill and much more. This sleep pattern is known as Polyphasic Sleeping. It is known to sleep researchers as of a sleep pattern that is opposite to monophasic sleep. In this sleep pattern, an individual or an animal sleeps in a single block during a single wake-sleep cycle of 24 hours. However, in polyphasic sleep cycles an individual sleep in several sleep cycles for small patches of time divided throughout the day and night. With this sleep pattern you sleep less but your sleep is deeper and of high quality. Human babies also sleep polyphasically until they develop a biphasic sleep. Human being has a regular night sleep and a nap in the sixth hour of the day. Most of the human beings sleep biphasically.

Polyphasic sleep cycle

Together with polyphasic sleep cycle, Nikola used a mental technique to harness your own unconsciousness. This is done by first by taking your unconscious ideas and dreams very seriously. Try to remember your dreams at least one or two. Write them down and learn meditation with all your inner thoughts shutting down and thinking in form of pictures and pure concepts. Usually, people treat unconscious ideas as worthless fantasy. We reject our original thinking methods as we grow-up. So we have to strive backward to our long-lost childhood mental state living in daydreaming with no logical thoughts blocking the creative flow.

Nikola has seen poverty, pain, and sufferings of common people. He was a humanitarian and wanted to make this world an easier place to live. Tesla liked people to communicate with one another across long distances. Nikola wished to bring electricity to our homes across the planet so that everyone could benefit from labor-saving devices. Tesla wanted a free energy system that could assure that everyone has access to the energy sources to operate their machinery and transport system. Nikola Tesla wanted to help people and make this world a better place to live. His services were remarkable and benefit the whole mankind.

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