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Automated Testing and Selenium



Automated Testing and Selenium

Automated Testing

A method of software testing that make use of different software tools(Selenium) to control the execution of tests scenarios. The actual test results are then compared with the expected test results which decides whether the written test is passed or failed. The main aim to reduce the testing effort and time. Scripts are faster than manual testing i.e. tests conducted by humans. Automated testing can do verification of thousands to millions of test variations from minutes to hours. These test scripts can be reused on different software versions which will reduce the human effort.

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Selenium – An Automation Tool

It is an open source automated testing tool for web applications across different platforms and different kinds of browsers.
It has four components

  1. Selenium Remote Control (RC)
    In Selenium RC the testers had to install the application under test and the web server on a local machine i.e. both of them have to be in the same domain. This is known as same origin policy. However, the drawback is that the tester have to undergo a lot of installations which is quite annoying.
  2. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    It is a Firefox extension that can automate the web application through a record-and-playback feature. There is one limitation that it is restricted to Firefox only which means it doesn’t support different platforms.
  3. Selenium Grid
    It address the need of minimizing the execution time as much as possible. Selenium grid allows the test to run parallel along with Selenium RC on different platforms and browsers. However, it can be used with Selenium RC only which follows the same origin policy.
  4. Selenium Web Driver
    One of the most efficient type of selenium tool. It was developed when web browsers and applications were becoming more powerful. It is a first cross-platform tool that can test an application irrespective of the browser type. The browser is controlled at an operating system level. It has proved itself to be better than all other selenium tools due to its stable approach in automating the browser’s actions. It communicates directly with the browser and has no limitation like no origin policy.

Benefits of Automated Testing

There are many benefit of automating your test scenarios some of them are as follows:

  1. Improved Software Quality
    Consistent and repetitive automated tests basically improves the quality of the software products.
  2. Bringing Down the Testing Manpower and Testing Time
    Automated testing is faster than the manual testing so it reduces the human effort as well as the testing time.
  3. Less Execution Time
    The creation of the test scripts may take some time but once these tests are created they can be executed faster than the tests which are executed by human beings manually. Thus, the overall execution time is reduced.
  4. More Reliability
    Automated tests comprises of the test scripts which can be used over and over again hence making it much more reliable.

We have to keep in mind that everything cannot be automated such as images. Selenium is an incredible set of tools to automate the web application and WebDriver is an advanced tool that let you test your applications across different platforms and browsers. It can help you not only test the user interface but you can also test the functionality and can combine selenium with C# making it more efficient to use.

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