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5 Business Ideas for Women Working From Home

work from home


5 Business Ideas for Women Working From Home

Women in Pakistan

Women in Pakistan comprises about 49.2% of the total population. In Pakistan’s society although many women are working but yet the journey of a career oriented and working women is still filled with many struggles. The World Development Report reveals that the participation of women in Pakistan’s workforce is mere 26%. However, in other countries, the percentage of working women is almost 77% which specifies this as a very significant difference.


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Women in the workforce hold a key to the lively economy. Low female participation has clear implications for the economic growth of the country. There are many reasons why women cannot go out and work few of them are gender wage gap, workplace harassment, less supporting families etc. With these circumstances, most of the women are not allowed to leave their homes and go out to work. This article is all about Business Ideas for Women Working From Home.

Work from Home

With the new opportunities and advancements in education and technology, women can make money while working from their home. They don’t have to go out of their comfort zone and face any kind of difficult situation.

Women who want to work from home need some startup capital and minimal risk. Starting and running a business requires your time and energy. But if you are motivated and hardworking then you can do wonders.

Work from home

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Business Ideas for Women Working From Home

Here are some of the business ideas you want to consider while starting up, but never hesitate to think out of the box. All you need is to love what you are doing along with a little effort.

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  1.  Blogging

    In today’s world blogs are a powerful way to communicate information online between businesses and people. It is one of the best home-based business ideas for women. You get paid for your words and your ideas. You can make money by creating a blog or posting articles. There are tons of topics which you can choose depending on your interest. You can set up a blog consulting business which requires less capital. Blogging is not a onetime income since your customers usually want a continuous service your income is hence ongoing.

  2. Home Cooked Food Service

    There are hundreds of people who are working in different organizations. They usually don’t like the food available in their office cafeterias or the nearby hotels. There are many issues one of them is hygiene issues. These people literally crave for home cooked food. Take your passion for cooking to the next level and create menus and meals for others. There is nothing like satisfying a hungry stomach with a delicious meal and getting paid for it. Above all, the idea is to be able to give your customers the best.It is finest business idea for women to work from home.


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  3. Online Boutique

    With the increasing awareness of fashion and trend, the market opportunity for boutique business has also increased rapidly. It is one of the highly potential business ideas for women especially mothers who want to earn. You can still manage your online business while performing your daily household chores since it is all about being connected to a good internet connection. Prepare your startup budget, focus on the customer’s demands, sell your designs and become a successful businesswoman.


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  4. Wedding Planning and Matchmaking

    People are getting married now and then. Many of them are not able to find themselves a perfect match. You can provide online matchmaking services to the people. Understand their requirements, what qualities they are looking for in their life partner, help find a perfect match for themselves. People are willing to spend a large amount of money on their weddings which means a good earning. If you are able to understand this business statistics then you can run a successful business by providing them with planning and consultancy services.


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  5. Graphic Designing

    If you have some designing and creativity skills you can be a freelance graphic designer. Design flyers, pamphlets, product catalogs and brand logos for different organizations. Market your service to ad agencies, publishing companies, corporations, product manufacturers and entrepreneurs and earn as much as you can.


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These are some of the business ideas for women who want to work from their home. There can be several other ideas too depending on their interests. However, it must be taken into consideration that Pakistani women still have a long way to go, but we can view this is as progress and a major milestone for the country.

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